Can I change my regional center from Mumbai to Dubai in IGNOU?

IGNOU regional center

IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) has a substantial community of local centers. Have a look at the centers spread throughout India and abroad. Students enrolled in IGNOU are assigned a regional center primarily based on their area at the time of admission. However, many college students prefer to change their IGNOU regional center after enrolling because of motives like transferring cities or going abroad.


What is an IGNOU Regional Centre?


An IGNOU regional center acts as an administrative hub for all look-at centers and learner-help centers within its jurisdiction. It oversees all pupil registration, exams, assignments, venture work, practicals, and result processing within the vicinity. The IGNOU local center is also accountable for establishing scholar grievance redressal, counseling classes, workshops, seminars, and convocations. Each IGNOU nearby center has its very own code.


Why change the IGNOU Regional Center?


Students might also need to change their assigned IGNOU regional center for the following reasons:


Relocating Residence: Students moving residence from one town to another due to a job alternate, marriage relocation, or another reason will need to relocate to the brand new closest IGNOU nearby center.


Traveling Abroad: Students who travel outside India for paintings, a better education, or other reasons can switch to an overseas IGNOU local center during their stay overseas.


Regional Center Issues: Students dealing with any problems like center delays, lack of pupil help, exam issues, and so forth. Their current IGNOU nearby center might also opt to shift.


Program Choice: Certain educational programs may additionally be to be had at specific IGNOU nearby centers, so college students may also want to switch centers to enroll.


Steps to Change the IGNOU Regional Centre


If you need to exchange your IGNOU nearby center from Mumbai to Dubai or any other area, comply with the below steps:


Application Letter: Write an application to the Regional Director of your contemporary IGNOU Regional Centre stating your enrollment information and asking for a change of IGNOU regional center to Dubai with the reason. Attach any required proof.


Fee Payment: Apply with a draft payable at the brand new IGNOU local center (Dubai) for Rs. 1000 towards the trade of IGNOU regional center charges.


Center Approval: The present-day IGNOU nearby center (Mumbai) will transfer your software to the brand-new IGNOU local center (Dubai) for approval.


Allot New Code: Once accredited, the new IGNOU local center (Dubai) will allot you a code based totally on their gadget. This may also take 2–3 weeks.


Identity Card: You will get hold of a brand new IGNOU pupil identity card with the brand new IGNOU local center code.


Documents Required


To trade your IGNOU regional center from Mumbai to Dubai, keep the following files ready:


  • Copy of stuffed application form for an alternate of IGNOU nearby center
  • Original modern-day identification card
  • Proof of house in the current and new place
  • Rs. one thousand call for draft for transfer rate
  • Bona fide certificates, if relevant


Will my academic status be impacted?


Don’t worry, when you convert your IGNOU Regional Center, your student registration reputation and academic development remain unaffected. Your information will seamlessly switch to the new IGNOU nearby center’s file device with no course disruption. Just the center code on your identification card will alternate.


However, for examinations, you now ought to appear at the new IGNOU nearby center assigned examination town under Dubai. Previous exam statistics also stand transferred. Assignments are preserved via online or in-person submission to the brand-new center. Overall, the academic cycle remains regular, barring examination town changes.




Changing IGNOU nearby centers from Mumbai to Dubai or some other vicinity is a truthful technique. Just put up the utility, charge, and files in your contemporary center and watch for approval from the brand-new center. Your enrolment repute and courses are unaffected academically. Just observe the stairs covered above efficiently for a clean transition at your new IGNOU Regional Center.


Each and every course in IGNOU has Assignments in it for which SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS for IGNOU students is available (solved assignments) which should be in IGNOU HANDWRITTEN ASSIGNMENT ( handwritten assignments ) format. Also for a few courses like Master’s Degree there are IGNOU PROJECT AND SYNOPSIS (project and synopsis) too.


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