How Many Times Can a Person Change Their IGNOU Regional Center?

IGNOU Regional Center

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is understood for its wide reach and versatility it gives to students. One component that showcases IGNOU’s adaptability is its provision for college students to alternate their assigned nearby middle throughout their route of study. But how often can a student virtually alternate their IGNOU near the middle?


Rules for Changing the IGNOU Regional Center


IGNOU has laid out a few regulations and barriers on how regularly a scholar can transfer their regional middle. This is to maintain the right coordination and prevent excessive transfers. According to IGNOU norms, a pupil can exchange their assigned IGNOU regional center up to two times at some stage in an unmarried software enrollment.


If you are pursuing a bachelor’s diploma from IGNOU, you are permitted to exchange your nearby center instances over the entire duration of the three- to four-year application. The facility is available to shift the IGNOU regional middle earlier than or after performing the term quit examination. But you have to ensure the different conditions laid down by the open college are fulfilled.


When is changing the IGNOU regional center permitted?


As noted before, a learner can change their IGNOU nearby center at most two times throughout an active educational application. But there are certain policies as to whether you may sincerely ask for a middle switch:


  1. Between Two Consecutive Academic Years

The ideal time to install the software for transferring your IGNOU local center is between two academic years. For example, when you have simply completed assessments for the second 12 months, you can exchange your middle before beginning the third 12 months. The change will be applicable for the upcoming year.


  1. Before Appearing for Term-End Exams

Students who have valid motives can also exchange their currently allotted IGNOU local middle before they appear for the imminent TEE examination. The middle trade will practice at the TEE examination town properly. But you want to intimate IGNOU about the transfer 45 days before the beginning of assessments.


  1. Under Extraordinary Circumstances

In unique cases like marriage, long-term illness, or job transfers, college students can request IGNOU to allow them to alternate their local center over and above the twice-restricted. Additional middle transfers may be allowed if you produce legitimate proof to guide your request.


How do I apply to change the IGNOU Regional Center?


If you want to exchange your IGNOU near the prescribed regulations, then you may comply with the steps beneath:


  1. Obtain a prescribed form

First, you need to get the Regional Center Change shape out of your present regional middle. This form can also be downloaded from the IGNOU internet site. Remember that no software fee has to be paid for asking for a center switch.


  1. Fill in the details accurately.

Next, you need to nicely fill in all the required particulars, like software information, present-day middle code, center sorts, the new place you prefer to shift to, and so on. Your enrollment variety has to be virtually detailed.


  1. Submit with supporting documents

Once performed, post the IGNOU regional middle alternate shape to the Regional Services Division in Delhi. Enclose any files you had to request, as they may aid in faster processing.


  1. Wait for Approval

Finally, await IGNOU to verify your utility and issue approval to change your regional center. Normally, it takes 20–25 days to get a new middle allotment confirmed through the university.


Points to Note About IGNOU Regional Center Change


There are some different critical points that learners have to take into account concerning moving their allotted IGNOU nearby at some point in the application:


  • Center adjustments aren’t allowed as soon as effects are declared for the final year or semester tests.
  • Learners cannot transfer to local facilities while their TEE form is below the method.
  • Undergraduate college students get the most effective three possibilities for appearing in principle tests in keeping with their enrolled course. Center transfers do not reset this limit.
  • Students need to accumulate study clothes and assignments from newly allotted IGNOU nearby in the middle after switching.




By retaining those key commands in mind, you may seamlessly alternate your IGNOU near the middle as much as the permissible restriction. Planning the switch carefully according to the software period and examination schedule permits newbies to completely make use of this provision.


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