Missed Assignments and TEE in 1st Sem at IGNOU – What Should I Do Now?

Ignou Assignment

IGNOU offers diverse undergraduate, postgraduate, degree, certificate, and doctoral applications in a distance learning mode. For each software, college students are required to post assignments and appear for the term-cease exam (TEE) to complete the semester. If you did not submit the assignments or attempt TEE for the primary semester, you may be concerned about how to finish the semester. However, IGNOU provides provisions to help students in such situations.


Why Assignments and TEE Are Important?


In IGNOU, assignments convey 30% weight, while TEE contains 70% weight in the direction of the very last grade. The non-stop assessment through assignments ensures normal observation and assessment. The TEE evaluates the overall information of the course. So each assignment and TEE are vital to finishing the semester. Without filing the IGNOU Assignment and trying TEE, you cannot flow to the subsequent semester.


What Should You Do Now?


If you haven’t submitted the Ignou Assignment or appeared for TEE for the cutting-edge semester, you need not worry a great deal. IGNOU presents another opportunity to complete the semester through the following provisions:


  1. Submit assignments

Firstly, publish the IGNOU Assignment for the modern-day semester right now. IGNOU has a policy of accepting past-due submissions with an overdue price of Rs. 1,000 in line with the course (for assignments submitted after the due date but within a distinct time frame). So you can nevertheless put up the assignments by paying the late charge. Complete the assignments carefully, take a look at them, and submit them as soon as feasible.


  1. Apply for TEE

Next, you need to use the TEE for the contemporary semester. The TEE software starts 45 days earlier than the commencement of tests. Apply for the TEE by filling out the examination form online or offline on the stipulated date. You ought to pay the examination price even as you make use of it. You can then appear for the TEE and the entire present-day semester.


  1. Appear in the Next TEE

If you have ignored the TEE utility dates for the modern semester, you no longer need to wait for six more months. IGNOU conducts TEE every June and December. You can observe the following TEE (in June if you ignore the December TEE and vice versa) with the aid of paying the examination rate. In this manner, you may strive for the papers throughout the semester regardless of lacking one TEE.


  1. Seek Fresh Admission

If you have not submitted any IGNOU assignments or attempted TEE for a very long period, IGNOU also has a provision for sparkling admission. You can take sparkling admission to the semester you haven’t finished, pay the prices once more, publish assignments afresh, and appear for the TEE. In this manner, you may retain your studies.




To summarize, when you have overlooked assignments or TEEs, act quickly and publish the Ignored ASSIGNMENT now, follow for the next TEE, or are seeking clean admission. Do not bypass the semester or abandon this system. Make use of the chances given with the aid of IGNOU to finish your studies. Put your fine efforts into assignments, put them together well for TEE, and you could effectively complete the semester and the program.

Each and every course in IGNOU has Assignments in it for which SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS for IGNOU students is available (solved assignments) which should be in IGNOU HANDWRITTEN ASSIGNMENT ( handwritten assignments ) format. Also for a few courses like Master’s Degree there are IGNOU PROJECT AND SYNOPSIS (project and synopsis) too.


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