The Perennial Problem of Delayed Results and Missing Assignment Marks at IGNOU




The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is certainly one of the largest distance-mastering institutions in India. It has over 4 million college students enrolled in numerous undergraduate, postgraduate, degree, certificate, and doctoral applications. However, IGNOU has been plagued by principal problems over time: non- not on-time assertion of exam effects and non-evaluation of assignments.


The Chronic Problem of Late Exam Results


Delayed examination consequences were a chronic headache for IGNOU students. It isn’t uncommon for college students to attend for months or even over 12 months to acquire their examination results. This causes significant tension and influences their potential to plot their future course by taking a look at their profession.


There are numerous reasons for the inordinate delays in the result declaration at IGNOU. Firstly, IGNOU conducts term-cease examinations for lots of college students across hundreds of examination centers in India and abroad. Evaluating such a lot of answer sheets and processing the outcomes is a colossal assignment that takes time.


Secondly, IGNOU follows a decentralized assessment gadget in which answer sheets are dispatched to various partner institutions for valuation. This introduces delays as solution sheets need to be physically transported back and forth. There have also been instances wherein evaluated answer sheets got out of place in transit among assessment facilities and the headquarters.


Lastly, IGNOU has frequently noted a shortage of qualified teams of workers and evaluators as a key reason for assessment delays. With expanding enrollment numbers, the current group of workers’ strength seems overburdened. New examiners are recruited on an ad hoc basis, but problems persist.


Non-Evaluation of Assignments: A Major Grievance


Besides behind-schedule exam outcomes, loss of transparency, and delays in comparing assignments have irked many IGNOU college students. Assignments incorporate 30% of the total weightage for most publications. But regularly, students complain that assignments are not evaluated or marks aren’t up-to-date on the grade card.


This defeats the cause of filing assignments, which requires effort and time from college students. In the absence of mission assessment, their very last grade suffers. IGNOU has maintained that assignments are duly evaluated by course coordinators, and mistakes, if any, are inadvertent.


However, the high quantity of assignments makes the evaluation method liable to oversight and human mistakes. Students have demanded that task assessments and marks be made available online for transparency. An online tracking gadget for assignments has been lengthy and past due.


Impact on Students and Urgent Need for Reforms


The uncertainty surrounding exam outcomes and undertaking marks takes a toll on college students’ morale. The long, agonizing wait hampers their future instructional plans and career prospects. Many employers ask for mark sheets, which students are unable to provide because of behind-schedule effects.


IGNOU wishes to thoroughly reform its evaluation machine and put into effect greater digitization to speed up processes. Exams ought to shift to online proctoring mode, which enables quicker results. Centralized online portals for venture submission monitoring have to evolve.



Recruiting extra full-time evaluators, utilizing automation, and having higher coordination with evaluation centers can help improve assessment timelines. Students deserve green and transparent methods from IGNOU. The university has to deal with this as a priority and undertake sweeping reforms. Prompt examination results and venture assessment will move in a protracted way to uphold its credibility.


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