What if I publish a soft copy of my IGNOU assignments on the IGNOU LMS portal?

IGNOU assignments

Submitting the handiest soft copies of assignments on the IGNOU LMS portal has come to be a not-unusual exercise for many IGNOU students. This practice has positive benefits but additionally has a few drawbacks that scholars must be aware of.


Advantages of Submitting a Soft Copy of assignments on LMS


The largest benefit of submitting tender copies at the LMS is the convenience it offers. Students do not have to print out assignments; they can make more than one copy, after which they physically mail them to the center. Everything can be performed online at the LMS portal. This saves time and effort.


Proof of Submission

Another advantage is having proof of submission. The LMS portal shows the date and time when the mission was uploaded. This acts as evidence that the scholar has submitted the work on time in case any dispute arises later.


Environment Friendly

Submitting smooth copies online gets rid of the need to print out more than one difficult copy of an assignment. This makes the technique extra pleasant because it reduces paper utilization. Students who select sustainable practices may also pick this technique.


Disadvantages of Only Submitting a Soft Copy


Lack of Hard Copy

The foremost disadvantage is that the pupil will not have a tough copy of the project submitted. In some instances, the study center might also ask to peer at a difficult replica later on. If the scholar has not retained a difficult copy, it may create headaches.


Technical Issues

Submitting most effectively at the LMS portal additionally makes college students depend on generation. If there are any technical system defects or portal problems, the submission may fail. Having a tough reproduction acts as a backup in such cases.


Risk of Plagiarism

Some college students may additionally feel that soft copies submitted online are more likely to be scrutinized for plagiarism. So no longer a difficult reproduction approach and the loss of a second-up alternative if plagiarism is detected in a while.


Delayed Feedback

Finally, if the best soft copy is submitted, the student can also get on-time comments from coordinators who are accustomed to presenting offline notes and corrections on hard copies. This can impact your next assignments.


Best Practices for Students


Despite the hazards, submitting the best, gentlest copies is a growing fashion. Here are a few hints college students can comply with to get the best of both worlds:


Maintain tough copies of all assignments before submission for your very own reference.


Ensure the smooth replica is a scanned copy of the tough reproduction, so it consists of coordinator notes.


Download and save a duplicate of the gentle reproduction submitted for facts.


Follow up online to get soft replica feedback quicker from coordinators.


Notify the observation center earlier in case you plan to best publish soft copies online.




In the end, filing the handiest soft copies on the LMS portal has wonderful benefits, but students need to be aware of the capability drawbacks too. Using a balanced method where difficult copies are also retained can help maximize the advantages of online submission. Most importantly, college students have to take a look at the submission recommendations prescribed with the aid of their specific center or application to avoid any problems.


Each and every course in IGNOU has Assignments in it for which SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS for IGNOU students is available (solved assignments) which should be in IGNOU HANDWRITTEN ASSIGNMENT ( handwritten assignments ) format. Also for a few courses like Master’s Degree there are IGNOU PROJECT AND SYNOPSIS (project and synopsis) too.


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