What may be performed if I omit the IGNOU revaluation from the closing date?

IGNOU revaluation

Misreading the cut-off date for IGNOU revaluation can be traumatic; however, there are a few alternatives to be had if you act quickly. Here is an overview of what to do in case you omit the revaluation deadline and how to request an extension or late submission.


Seek an extension from IGNOU


The first step is to immediately contact IGNOU and request an extension for the revaluation submission. While IGNOU has strict closing dates, they won’t forget to grant a short extension under special circumstances. You’ll need to provide a valid cause along with supporting documentation on why you missed the closing date. Some capacity reasons might be:


  • Medical emergency
  • Family emergency
  • Natural catastrophes or disturbances


Make certain your request is well mannered and submit the specified documents to back your purpose for missing the closing date. If IGNOU presents an extension, they may specify the new cut-off date, which you must strictly adhere to.


Submit a Late Revaluation Request


If IGNOU does not grant an extension, the subsequent step is to go in advance and publish a past-due revaluation request. Although late requests aren’t guaranteed to be conventional, they are nonetheless really worth attempting. I am renowned for your request that it be beyond the closing date and provide proof of why it is overdue.


Attach all the required documents and the prescribed late price to your software. Once submitted, there is no assurance that IGNOU will be given the late request; however, there have been cases where overdue revaluation requests have been authorized if a valid purpose has changed. Follow up if you do not listen lower back after some weeks.


Appeal the rejection


If your overdue revaluation request gets rejected through IGNOU, remember to file an appeal against the decision. An attraction involves requesting the university reconsider its rejection choice.


For the enchantment to be beneficial, it is critical to spotlight the extenuating circumstances that brought about the postponement and emphasize why your request deserves special consideration. Provide any proof you could think of to support your grounds for appeal.


Make sure your appeal is polite, and concise, and consists of all the justifications for why you deserve this exception. If viable, try to post the enchantment request soon upon receiving the rejection. Receiving approval on an appeal attempt can permit your revaluation case to be reopened.


Retake the exam next cycle


If an extension, overdue request, or appeal isn’t possible or gets rejected, the remaining option might be to apply for re-registration and retake the examination in the course of the following cycle. Although this means losing time and effort, it can be the only way forward if IGNOU refuses to rethink your late revaluation request.


Find out the examination timetable for the following cycle and register for this reason. Utilize the extra time to very well prepare and carry out better while attempting the exam again. For the brand new try, ensure to carefully notice all time limits, inclusive of revaluation, to keep away from repeat troubles.




Missed revaluation cut-off dates can seem daunting; however, options are to be had if you act quickly and offer legitimate justifications. IGNOU may also permit an extension or overdue submission in some cases; however, be organized for the opportunity of getting to retake the exam. Plan properly, enchant reasonably if required, and examine from the perspective of your destiny. With the right technique, you could overcome the setback.


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