Which books could be beneficial to passing my master’s degree in economics from IGNOU?

Economics from IGNOU



Pursuing a master’s degree in economics from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) can be an enriching experience that opens up many career opportunities. However, it also requires willpower and tough work, particularly on the subject of getting ready for exams and assignments. Choosing the right reference books and looking at substances is critical to performing nicely and effectively attaining your postgraduate diploma from IGNOU. Here are some of the pleasant books that could aid your studying process and help you pass the master’s software in economics:


Principles of Economics


One of the core subjects in MA Economics software at IGNOU is micro- and macroeconomics. To develop a robust foundation in the concepts and theories of economics, college students are encouraged to consult books written by celebrated economists Paul Samuelson and William Nordhaus. Their popular publications like Economics” and Microeconomics” offer in-depth knowledge on concepts like demand-supply evaluation, purchaser behavior, the principle of production, pricing of products and services, GDP, inflation, unemployment, etc. The content is defined in a pupil-pleasant way with applicable real-global examples.


Mathematical Economics


While concepts are crucial, you may also want to master the mathematical gear used in economics. Mathematical Economics using Alpha C. Chiang and Kevin Wainwright introduces you to topics like linear algebra, differential calculus, optimization, and programming, which can be used to solve economic issues. Each bankruptcy has lots of worked-out problems that will help you practice the mathematical techniques. This ebook provides the foundation you need to address quantitative portions of IGNOU’s economics curriculum.


Statistics for Economics


Developing quantitative abilities is important for economics college students. The e-book ‘Statistics for Economics’ by Dr. B.L. Agarwal offers you a sturdy basis in statistical equipment and econometrics. The writing style is lucid, with every idea explained through illustrations and examples. Key subjects covered include Measures of Central Tendency, Probability Theory, Correlation, Regression, Index Numbers, and Time Series Analysis. The e-book also has preceding years’ query papers for IGNOU tests.


Indian Economy


To apprehend the monetary landscape of India, MA Economics students at IGNOU need to study the e-book ‘Indian Economy’ authored by Ramesh Singh. This reference e-book provides comprehensive information on India’s growth story over time. It covers making plans and economic reforms, business and agricultural improvement, demographics, alternatives, troubles of growth and equity, and different relevant topics. The content has been established as consistent with the syllabus of IGNOU, which makes it an excellent manual for examination preparation and assignments.


Development Economics


To gain perspective on the economic growth of developing international locations, you can seek advice from the book ‘Development Economics by Debraj Ray. It gives an in-depth evaluation of poverty, inequality, agricultural variations, and rural-city migration. Several case studies have been mentioned to evaluate boom fashions throughout nations like China, Mexico, Pakistan, and many others. The writing is lucid and easy to understand. This ebook is essential to understanding subjects like poverty traps, microfinance, and top-of-the-line boom coverage that might be taught in the master stage.


Financial Economics


An important part of the MA in Economics path entails studying financial theories and fashions. The endorsed e-book for that is ‘Financial Economics’, authored with the aid of Viswanath and Gupta. It covers topics like interest rates, financial markets, capital asset pricing models, arbitrage pricing concepts, options, and futures. The authors explain the standards clearly and concisely, with relevant examples. Practice questions are also supplied for college students to evaluate their knowledge of economics. This reference e-book could be very useful, even for getting ready for IGNOU exams and writing project reports and assignments.




Apart from those books, IGNOU additionally affords a look at material containing all the syllabus content needed to pass the MA Economics application. However, many college students supplement the exam material with reference books and guides to gain a deeper understanding of monetary theories for higher exam coaching. So use a mixture of IGNOU, take a look at the material, and advocate books to bolster your fundamentals and bypass the master’s program easily. Consistently taking a look at, revision, and practice are key. Stay inspired and work hard to correctly earn your MA Economics diploma from IGNOU.


Each and every course in IGNOU has Assignments in it for which SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS for IGNOU students is available (solved assignments) which should be in IGNOU HANDWRITTEN ASSIGNMENT ( handwritten assignments ) format. Also for a few courses like Master’s Degree there are IGNOU PROJECT AND SYNOPSIS (project and synopsis) too.


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