Ignou Guess paper are set of question bank or mock tests containing all important questions from past years that may have chances to come in exam. It is basically created by subject experts and professionals to help students to prepare for examinations of IGNOU . These guess papers are designed in the way as similar to the pattern of exam. So that the student can easily get familiar to the pattern and will know how to attempt questions in exams according to the word limit.

IGNOU Solved Assignments are an integral part of students learning

Guess papers includes variety of questions like objective multi-choice-questions or theory questions and also includes questions which require tables and diagrams as well. By practicing through guess papers students get more idea about the questions and topics that may appear in examination and by practicing at the comfort in their home. Ignou Guess paper are easily available online .Students easily get pdfs online and can practice it through their devices itself.


  • FAMILIAR WITH EXAM PATTERN—Guess paper helps students to get familiar with the exam pattern of Ignou. So that they wont’t get hesitate to attempt exam and score good marks.By preparing with guess papers an individual can score good marks for sure.

The solved Assignments should be in Handwritten Format


  • IMPORTANT TOPICS—Guess paper also have a separate page which highlights all the important topics for the upcoming exam and help students to focus more on those topics. It improves the chances for students to score good marks.

IGNOU Solved Assignments are an integral part of students learning

  • BOOSTS UP CONFIDENCEGuess paper also helps the individual to boosts up their confidence and provides them with the sense of motivation to attempt exam without any hesitation and nervousness. By increasing morale of the students it surely helps them to get good marks
  • PREVIOUS YEARS QUESTIONS—Guess paper contains all types of questions of last years which have more chances to appear in exam . By practicing these questions, students can gain a deeper understanding of the subject and increase their chances of encountering similar questions in the actual exam. The solved Assignments should be in Handwritten Format


While ignou guess paper seems to be very important and uselful source for getting good marks in examinations. But it should not be the only material to be used .Students should also go through official website of ignou and also go through the material as well. Ignou Guess paper should be used as a side by side tool to score good in examinations.

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