How hard is it to get 70% in the IGNOU BA?




Securing 70% in Indira Gandhi National Open University’s (IGNOU) Bachelor of Arts (BA) software is a practicable goal for most students if they make consistent attempts. However, it does require strategic planning and tough work. Here are some tips on how to score 70% in IGNOU BA.


Prepare thoroughly before the examinations


The key to scoring nicely in IGNOU BA examinations is thorough guidance. The IGNOU syllabus is widespread, so it is crucial to begin getting ready early. Make notes from the examined substances furnished and recognize information ideas in preference to rot getting to know. Solve preceding years’ question papers to recognize the examination sample and the form of questions requested. Identify your susceptible areas and spend more time strengthening them. Stay updated with modern-day affairs and trendy know-how subjects applicable to your topics.


Allot time for yourself to have a look at every day


Consistently taking a look at yourself for a few hours daily is crucial to fare nicely in IGNOU BA. A study schedule ought to encompass completing assignments on time, revising study substances, practicing questions, and clarifying doubts. Use the greater time to analyze online material, make notes, and take part in discussion forums. Avoid suspending research until later. Determine constant self-care, take a look at hours, and diligently stick with them.


Learn powerful time management


As IGNOU BA allows awesome flexibility in studying, it’s important to control it effectively. Make a practical weekly timetable for solving time slots for each problem and project. Prioritize crucial duties and keep away from distractions all through examination hours. Taking too many topics in a semester can result in work overload, so select topics accurately. Learn to balance studies with different commitments. Smart time control will help you acquire 70% continually.


Stay inspired and keep away from strain


Scoring properly calls for sturdy motivational stages. Set clear targets and reward yourself for reaching milestones. Stay fantastic and avoid evaluating yourself with others. Manage strain successfully through relaxation strategies like yoga, meditation, or tuning. Lack of motivation and excessive pressure can bring about negative performance. Maintain work-lifestyle stability and take breaks to remain targeted.


Submit assignments well earlier than the cut-off dates


Assignments contain 30% of the total assessment in IGNOU BA. Submitting amazing assignments before the cut-off date is crucial to getting precise grades. Read the challenge questions cautiously and prepare thoroughly before attempting them. Follow the phrase limit and presentation tips. Double-test for mistakes and get the assignments evaluated through college. Timely submission of nicely-written assignments will help improve your grades.


Seek assistance from counselors while wishing


Make the right use of the pupil assistance services presented using IGNOU. Counselors can guide you on effective examination training techniques and time management. Seek assistance from academic counselors, net coordinators, and facilitators each time you face trouble with your research. Participate in the pupil induction packages. Attend teleconferencing periods and webinars. Use IGNOU’s online learning sources optimally.


Appear for term-cease checks properly prepared


Term-cease examinations are essential for scoring a high percentage in IGNOU BA. Once exam dates are introduced, shift your focus solely to revision. Attempt mock assessments to evaluate your expertise levels and identify regions for improvement. Write timed exercise checks to get exam-ready. Carefully review the whole syllabus, notes, assignments, and previous years’ question papers in the course of revision. Appearing properly organized for term-cease examinations allows you to excel.




In the end, scoring 70% in IGNOU BA is practicable with diligent preparation, time management, pressure-unfastened revision, timely undertaking submission, and search for guidance when required. Maintain your motivation ranges and avoid distractions at some stage during essential times. This regular attempt over the long run will help you get ratings above 70% or distinction in IGNOU BA.


Each and every course in IGNOU has Assignments in it for which SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS for IGNOU students is available (solved assignments) which should be in IGNOU HANDWRITTEN ASSIGNMENT ( handwritten assignments ) format. Also for a few courses like Master’s Degree there are IGNOU PROJECT AND SYNOPSIS (project and synopsis) too.


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