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HOW TO PREPARE IGNOU Assignments (2022) – Instructions

  • Every pupil at IGNOU, no matter what course they are admitted to, should Prepare IGNOU assignments given to them to complete their course. IGNOU assignments are essential as they help you to get advanced for advanced studies or choose an applicable career.
  • Assignments are to be taken veritably seriously as IGNOU TEE assignments have a weightage of 30 on your grade card. Without completing and submitting your assignments before the day of the month, you will be suitable to not attend A minimum of 40 must be scored to be eligible to fill the test form to feel for the TEE examination. you will examine how assignments affect the IGNOU grade cards.

What is the weightage of IGNOU Assignments in the overall grading system?

IGNOU Assignments Carry an overall weightage of 30 In a aggregate of 100 Out of Which 70 is the weightage of the TEE Examination. So Scoring Maximum in IGNOU Assignments is a veritably pivotal thing for the overall enhancement in the chance of the pupil.

  • A good quantum of exploration must be conducted to end IGNOU assignments because the university wo n’t accept copied answers. scholars can not copy their assignments from other scholars from reference books, units, or blocks. scholars can use the coffers and reading available within the libraries at their separate indigenous centre, head office or the digital library handed by IGNOU. it might be helpful for academy kiddies to seek out further from IGNOU Library.


Before preparing your assignments, Read the instructions below to avoid any miscalculations that will lose you marks.

  1.        Front Page
  2. Prepare ignou assignments
  • While preparing IGNOU assignments, it’s pivotal to point all the obligatory details of the scholar, course, subject and kind of assignments on the frontal runner. this might make the task of the universities at IGNOU easier and increase your chances of being awarded top marks. The frontal runner of the assignment must include the following details.
  • Study Centre Code
  • Programme
  • Enrolment No (9 digits)
  • Name (Full Name)
  • Course Code
  • Course Title
  • Session
  • Address
  • Telephone/Mobile No.
  • Email ID
  • Date of Submission
  • Candidate Signature

Instructions To Prepare IGNOU assignments…


  • After preparing the frontal runner, you’ll be suitable to prepare your assignment supporting by the content given to you. Then are some essential points to remain in mind before preparing your assignment.
  • IGNOU Assignments and TEE sessions should only be written in blue or black essay colour pen.

    Prepare ignou assignments

  • Assignments should always be hand- written and not published.
  • Published assignments are rigourously banned.
  • Write your assignment as neatly as possible to produce sure top marks.
  • Scholars can not copy their assignments from other scholars, from any reference books, units or blocks.

  • Still, write the proper question number and therefore the result, If the assignment contains inquiries to be answered.
  • IGNOU assignments for each course must be presented independently and not in one set.
  • The assignments must be submitted neatly in a paper train, and IGNOU does not permit the use of plastic file.
    Prepare ignou assignments

    • The documents should be arranged duly.
    • Campaigners must submit their IGNOU assignment to the fellow of the distributed study centre.
    • Submit your IGNOU assignment to the primary study center to which you were distributed, If you have applied for a change in study centre and you have n’t entered a evidence yet. else, you’ll be suitable to submit it to your new study centre.
    • Before IGNOU assignments had to be submitted , But thanks to Covid- 19 restrictions, scholars were allowed to submit their assignments online or via correspondence. This provision will only be available for a limited time, and further updates are yet to come back.
    • While submitting your assignment, insure to collect the damage.
    • When the fellow receives your assignment, an acknowledgement of damage are visiting be transferred to your separate study centre.
    • We request all scholars to read these instructions precisely before submitting the IGNOU assignment so that the university can accept it and you’ll score good marks. we’re visiting be streamlining the scholars as soon as any new adverts come from IGNOU.


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