How to Score 60% or Higher in IGNOU’s MCoM Program?




Scoring properly in Indira Gandhi National Open University’s (IGNOU) Master of Commerce in Management (MCoM) software calls for diligence, difficult work, and smart observation techniques. With a little effort, it’s a whole lot more viable to attain 60% or higher on this application. Here are a few pointers and techniques that will help you acquire a primary elegance grade.


Understand the syllabus thoroughly


The first step is to very well understand the MCoM syllabus. Go via the syllabus in elements and observe down the key subjects a good way to be protected in every path. Understanding the syllabus will help you pick out crucial areas to focus on in your studies. The syllabus also provides records on the examination pattern, query paper format, and evaluation standards. Analyze these statistics carefully.


Attend counseling sessions


IGNOU conducts academic counseling sessions at the beginning of every semester. Make it positive to wait those periods, as counselors offer valuable input on how to approach research and prepare for assessments. Ask them questions, clear your doubts, and try to find guidance on putting in a powerful examination plan. Their pointers assist you in becoming aware of cognitive areas and keeping away from pitfalls.


Stick to a strict study schedule


Consistency is fundamental to scoring properly in MCoM. Mark all essential dates, along with undertaking submission closing dates, exam dates, realistic submission dates, and so forth. To your calendar. Plan each day and weekly, and have a look at the agenda as a result to ensure you’re normal with teachers. Set aside at least 2–3 hours a day for reading MCoM topics. Following a strict schedule will help you cover the syllabus systematically and retain facts better.


Leverage IGNOU study material


The examination fabric provided with the aid of IGNOU includes all of the information you need to recognize for the exams. Thoroughly examine the gadgets, chapters, case research, and examples given in the course substances. Make notes and spotlight crucial points. Solving assignments based totally on the study cloth is likewise very beneficial. If you’ve got any doubts or want an explanation of standards, post queries at the IGNOU online forum.


Practice with Previous Year’s Question Papers


Solving past 10-year question papers should be an imperative part of your MCoM practice. This will come up with a great concept of the paper sample, often requested questions, crucial subjects, and weighting of marks. Identify your susceptible regions based on your overall performance in those papers and work on improving them. You can discover previous 12-month MCoM query papers online or acquire them from IGNOU centers.


Write mock tests


Appear for mock tests each weekend to assess your exam readiness. This will help you get comfortable with coping with time during the actual examination. After every mock, take a look and examine the areas in which you want development. Work in your vulnerable regions by reading relevant subjects again or fixing more practice questions. Stay targeted, inspired, and away from strain.


Learn effective exam writing skills


Mastering exam writing skills is critical to scoring high in MCoM. Adopt the proper strategies for attempting unique kinds of questions—case research, numerical problems, theoretical factors, and many others. Learn how to write to-the-point answers with proper structuring, clear expression, and the use of suitable terminology. Practice writing lengthy solutions within word limits. Hone these abilities by relating to IGNOU’s hints and toppers’ solution sheets.


Leverage additional reference books


Relying solely on IGNOU materials may not be sufficient for scoring 60% or above. Refer to additional textbooks, reference books, research papers, and online content suggested by counselors or toppers. This will help you gain deeper insights and increase your angle on key subjects and concepts. But ensure you deliver priority to IGNOU. Have a look at the material and notes.


Stay updated on current affairs


Keep yourself up to date on modern affairs, particularly business, economics, and control-related news. Being aware of today’s developments will let you answer popular awareness questions better in assessments. Read newspapers, magazines, and journals, and listen to podcasts day by day. Create modern-day affairs notes, too.




Scoring 60% or better in IGNOU’s MCoM program is manageable through diligent self-study, clever training, and following professional guidance. Focus on expert ideas very well, solving preceding years’ papers, timed practice exams, effective examination writing, and updating trendy consciousness. With consistency and backbone, you can honestly obtain a first-class grade.


Each and every course in IGNOU has Assignments in it for which SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS for IGNOU students is available (solved assignments) which should be in IGNOU HANDWRITTEN ASSIGNMENT ( handwritten assignments ) format. Also for a few courses like Master’s Degree there are IGNOU PROJECT AND SYNOPSIS (project and synopsis) too.


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