Is the IGNOU B.Ed valid or not?


The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) program through distance mode. This allows teachers to do B.Ed while working. But there has been some confusion about whether an IGNOU B.Ed degree is approved for teaching across India. Let’s try to understand this clearly.  

The IGNOU B.Ed degree is permitted and accepted by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). NCTE oversees teacher training in India. So the degree is considered valid for teaching jobs.

The B.Ed certificate from IGNOU after 2 years is equal to B.Ed from other NCTE-approved colleges and universities. Legally, the IGNOU B.Ed is as valid as degrees from regular colleges.  

Eligibility for Teaching Positions

With IGNOU B.Ed, graduates can give state-level Teacher Eligibility Tests like CTET, STET etc. These are required to apply for primary and secondary school jobs. After clearing exams, they can compete for government teaching posts along with those who did B.Ed from regular colleges.  

Many with IGNOU B.Ed have also joined private schools across states. But private school requirements differ across school boards.

State-by-State Approval  

Nationally the degree is legally valid, but acceptance by states varies. Many states like Haryana, Jharkhand, West Bengal, etc directly accept IGNOU B.Ed for hiring teachers. 

But some states earlier questioned or imposed additional criteria. For instance, in 2015 Karnataka did not allow IGNOU B.Ed graduates to apply. Similar issues faced before in Tamil Nadu, Punjab etc.   

Usually this is due to outdated rules or inadequate familiarity, not the degree being ‘invalid’. Gradually states have expanded approval of distance B.Ed degrees. But some confusion remains. 

Meeting Requirements of Specific States  

If applying in states with limitations, those with IGNOU B.Ed may need to meet extra criteria such as:  

  • Passing state-level eligibility tests
  • Having prior teaching experience  
  • Getting equivalence certificate from state education officials

By taking such steps, many have succeeded in getting government school jobs even in restrictive states.  


The IGNOU B.Ed degree is legally valid under NCTE across India. Where no issues exist, it has full acceptance. Even where limits exist, meeting extra state-level requirements enables eligibility. As policies change, wider approval is being granted over time by states.  But interested persons need to first ensure they fulfil updated norms in their state before pursuing this course.  So while nationally recognized, acceptance of IGNOU B.Ed depends on each state’s hiring rules at any given time. Checking latest eligibility terms would help make informed decisions.

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