Is The IGNOU Kolkata Exam Center Fair In Its Evaluation Process?

IGNOU Kolkata Exam Center

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is certainly one of the largest open universities in the world, with over four million students. It has numerous nearby facilities throughout India that conduct examinations for its guides. The Kolkata regional center is one of the most important exam facilities below IGNOU.


Over the years, there have been combined evaluations of the assessment method in Kolkata. Some college students have complained that the examiners at this center are quite strict and mark papers lower compared to other regions. However, there are also perspectives that the assessment is honest and standardized throughout centers. Let’s examine a number of the key elements of this debate.


Perception of Stringent Evaluation


Many students taking IGNOU tests from the Kolkata middle experience that the evaluators are pretty stringent and their marking sample is exceptional as compared to other regions. There are times in which college students with reasonably accurate preparations have scored low marks from this center. This brought about the perception that passing exams from the Kolkata center calls for tons more effort.


Some of the commonplace grievances highlighted by college students consist of very high cutoffs, a lack of clarity in marking schemes, and strict scrutiny of papers. There are also complaints about subjective marking by evaluators, leading to inconsistencies.


Counterviews on Fair Evaluation 


While the notion of biased evaluation exists among some students, there are counter-perspectives too. IGNOU has maintained that it has a standardized double-assessment technique that applies uniformly across all regional facilities.


As in step with IGNOU officers, the assessment of answer sheets is achieved centrally after randomly dispensing them amongst examiners across facilities. This is said to ensure parity in the marking technique.


The lower scores of college students from certain facilities can be attributed to place-unique factors like susceptible teaching help, loss of exceptional take-a-look materials, etc. The college has refuted the costs of discriminatory assessment centered at any unique center.


Insights from Pass Percentage Data


It is hard to conclusively show or disprove perceptions around biased marking with empirical statistics. However, IGNOU’s pass percent figures across facilities do not display any full-size deviation for Kolkata.


For example, in the June 2022 time period stop examination outcomes, the pass percentage of college students from Kolkata was 59.67%, quite close to the countrywide average of 62.56%. In reality, a few different areas, like Dehradun, had a decrease in bypass percentage of 58.89% compared to Kolkata.


The historic bypass percent statistics also do not substantiate claims of abnormally strict assessment requirements leading to lower marks for Kolkata middle students. The bypass probabilities had been inside a reasonable band and aligned to country-wide averages.


Need for Enhanced Transparency


While the combination records may not reveal any evident anomalies, there are a few merit-round character grievances on subjective marking. IGNOU can take steps to make the assessment system more truthful and transparent.


Some measures that may help consist of:


  • Providing photocopies of evaluated answer sheets to college students on request. This allows college students to study the real marking pattern.
  • Enhanced schooling for paper evaluators on dependent marking schemes to reduce subjectivity.
  • Random scrutiny of evaluated papers throughout regions to pick out any outlier examiners with inconsistent marking tactics.
  • Providing college students a choice to practice for re-evaluation if they feel the marking has been unduly strict.




In summary, even though a few college students have voiced concerns about the IGNOU Kolkata center being excessively strict with marking, there is inadequate evidence of any systemic bias. IGNOU’s system seems aligned to ensure parity in evaluation. However, greater transparency through steps like offering photocopies of solution sheets can assist in guaranteeing college students an impartial exam device.


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