Why Is My Registration Number And Control Number Showing “Does Not Exist” After Correcting My Name In IGNOU?


The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is certainly one of the largest open universities in the world. It has an enrollment of over 4 million college students across India and other international locations. When a pupil enrolls in IGNOU, they’re supplied with a unique 9-digit registration range and an 8-digit control quantity. These numbers are crucial for gaining access to pupil assets, filling out the exam bureaucracy, checking effects, etc.


Reasons for Getting the “Does Not Exist” Error

There will be numerous reasons why a scholar’s registration and management numbers display “does not exist” when they have corrected or modified their call inside the IGNOU records:


Name Change Not Updated in Records

The most common reason is that the name alternate has no longer been well up-to-date in IGNOU’s database. When a pupil legally changes their name and informs IGNOU via the required procedure, the college has to manually update it through diverse systems. If this does not appear correctly, the numbers can also still be linked to the previous name and display invalid while the corrected name is entered.


Data entry errors

Sometimes there can be typos or minor mistakes while the revised call is entered within the data. For example, the spelling may be wrong or the center name may be abbreviated differently. These facts and access mistakes can also lead to a mismatch when the registration and management numbers are entered.


Multiple Enrollments

In positive cases, college students can also enroll in a couple of instances with IGNOU over time. If they had a special call at the time of previous enrollments, the registration range from that older application won’t mirror the new call.


Technical Glitches

Technical mistakes at some stage in database updates and migrations have additionally been regarded as causing such discrepancies in IGNOU’s systems. Software bugs or defective merge operations can lead to information now not matching up nicely.


Steps to Resolve the Problem

If a student faces the “does not exist” blunders after updating their call, they can take the subsequent steps to rectify them:


Confirm Name Change Procedure Completed

First, check whether the prescribed call change system related to forms, affidavits, and gazette notifications has been finished. If any step is changed into a missed one, complete it through the local center.


Check for any data entry errors.

Cross-verify that the brand new name suits exactly the way it seems in the government ID evidence shared with IGNOU. Look for minor errors, like spelling mistakes, improved initials, etc.


Contact the Regional Center

Reach out to the nearby middle and request that they manually test if the up-to-date call has been efficiently entered against your registration and manage numbers in all relevant structures. Share copies of name-trade documents if you wish.


Check Previous Enrollments

If you have enrolled with IGNOU previously, affirm your past registration numbers and manipulate the numbers against the old call. Inform the regional center about any documents beyond those to be consolidated.


Follow up persistently.

Keep following up with the nearby center if the issue persists. Escalate to IGNOU Headquarters if wished. Don’t depend on email by myself for this; speak to officers without delay. Be a continual and affected person.



In conclusion, something as important as a prison call exchange can cause complications with administrative data. For distance training institutes like IGNOU with millions of college students, updating and aligning names across more than one structure is tough. However, with a little patience and following up diligently with the use of the strategies mentioned above, college students must be able to get the issue resolved and their IGNOU pupil information reconciled fully. Checking for record access mistakes, contacting nearby centers promptly, and now not giving up are keys to getting your statistics rectified.


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