What if I Lost My IGNOU Submission Slip?

IGNOU submission slip

Losing your IGNOU submission slip can be a disturbing and worrisome scenario for any IGNOU student. The IGNOU submission slip incorporates essential details like your enrollment variety, exam middle information, and examination code that are required when submitting your examination form or venture. Without the IGNOU submission slip, you can’t appear for exams or put up assignments on time.

Don’t panic; all is not lost

The first thing to do upon losing your IGNOU submission slip is to not panic. There are approaches to obtaining a reproduction IGNOU submission slip. As long as you act fast, you may get an alternative slip in time for your examination or assignment deadline. Stay calm and focus on getting the information you want to obtain a brand new IGNOU submission slip.

Contact the IGNOU Regional Center immediately

Your first step should be to delay, and contact your IGNOU Regional Center. You can visit the center individually or name them to explain the fact that you have lost your IGNOU submission slip and need an alternative urgently. Provide details like your enrollment variety, software information, and exam or venture due date. The team of workers may be able to look up your student document and provide you with a replica IGNOU submission slip.

However, this could take time, as they will need to confirm your details before issuing a replica slip. So do that as quickly as feasible to avoid delays in getting your substitute IGNOU submission slip.

Alternatively, check the IGNOU website

If you are unable to contact the local center right away or are making plans to go later, you may also take a look at the IGNOU website during the intervening time. IGNOU allows college students to download and print reproduction IGNOU submission slips from the IGNOU website.

To try this, visit the IGNOU internet site and log in with your enrollment number. Under the Student Support segment, look for the link to download a duplicate IGNOU submission slip and click on it. Enter your application information, and the machine will generate a duplicate submission slip that you can download and print instantly.

This is a brief and convenient way to obtain substitute IGNOU submission slips online through the official IGNOU portal. It includes the same information and records as your authentic IGNOU submission slip.

Apply to the regional center

If you are not able to download the reproduction slip from the internet site instantly, you may put up a written application at your regional center. Visit the middle and post a written letter explaining your state of affairs and soliciting a duplicate IGNOU submission slip urgently. Attach a photograph and any identification evidence that you have.

The workforce will affirm your pupil records-based totally on your enrollment quantity and other information. Once happy, they will send you a new IGNOU submission slip with the same statistics and exam center information as the authentic one. This can also take a few days, so apply properly in advance of your examination or mission deadline.

SMS service is also available

IGNOU also gives an SMS facility to get your examination center information in case you lose your IGNOU submission slip. You can send an SMS to 011-29572513 with details like your enrollment quantity, software call, examination date, etc. The exam center details might be dispatched to your registered cell number.

While you may still need to get a replica submission slip issued formally, this SMS provider offers a brief way to retrieve and verify your exam center information in the meantime.

Act quickly, but avoid errors

When applying for a reproduction IGNOU submission slip, ensure all information supplied is correct to avoid errors within the reproduction slip. Cross-test application name, enrollment number, examination middle code, and so on. Before filing the utility. Any discrepancies in information on the duplicate slip can cause issues for a while. Act quickly, but double-test all records for mistakes.

Stay in touch with the Regional Center.

Once you’ve carried out a reproduction IGNOU submission slip, stay in normal contact with your regional center to test the repute. Call them or visit, in my opinion, to check if the replica slip is prepared so that you can acquire it as soon as it’s available. Avoid delays in accumulating the alternative IGNOU submission slip.


Losing your IGNOU submission slip can cause pressure; however, avoid panic. By acting directly and contacting the IGNOU Regional Center or checking the internet site, you could obtain a replica slip on time and post your assignments or see assessments as consistent with the schedule. Remain calm, offer correct information, and comply diligently to get your substitute IGNOU submission slip quickly.

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