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Ignou revaluation

IGNOU Revaluation Procedure- Indira Gandhi National Open University started the term- end examination that the results of many streams is formerly blazoned. This essay is about the individualities who aren’t happy with the scores they got at the Term End examinations of IGNOU. It’s to inform you that the authority has handed a chance for the individuals to request an Ignou re-evaluation procedure of their marks. this essay will let you know about all the rules and regulations of all the factors about the IGNOU re-evaluation procedure.

About IGNOU Revaluation PROCESS 2021-22

IGNOU Revaluation procedure of the scores being attained refers tore-evaluation of the result distance where the answers are checked again because there-totaling of marks do. For this, the council also offers an internet installation for council scholars who are disappointed with their marks attained. If an existent is expecting a good result but did not get it as per his thinking then he will be suitable to go for re-evaluation procedure. For this, campaigners have to fill out the IGNOU revaluation form. individualities also have to pay the figure quantum to successfully submit the request. After this, the concerned authorization will take the action against the request submitted by individualities and let the pupil know about the result of it on sanctioned website of IGNOU.

In this essay, you’ll get to know about the rules and regulations of there-evaluation procedure also because the process of submitting the request form. Continue reading so as to remain updated about it.

Ignou revaluation process

IGNOU TEE Answer Script Re-evaluation Guidelines.

Ignou revaluation

Lets get into many way for council individualities to learn the system of Ignou re-evaluation process. We suggest you to not skip this essay because it’s veritably important important to the content.

For Re-evaluation Of Answer script

  • Scholars must make letter of assignation for re-evaluation under one month after the protestation of their results.
  • The date on which the results were declared on the functionary point are going to be considered because the date of result.
  • Marks attained ahead and after the revaluation are going to be compared and also the authority will finalize the marks which are better.
  • The time needed for revaluation are going to be of 30 days after the submission of the applying.
  • It’s only applicable to term end proposition examination.

For Acquiring Photocopy Of Answer Sheet

  • To acquire the result distance existent have to pay the specified quantum of figure and also upload the scrutinized documents of the IGNOU Id card.
  • This procedure is to be completed under 45 days after the result has been blazoned.
  • Apply for the dupe of the result script before applying for Ignoure-evaluation process else you can apply for both at formerly.
  • The answer script are going to be transferred to the law either through thee-mail id that he she handed within the online form or by post.
  • Still, also communicate the university within 15 days after result have been declared, If any error is set up in the result distance.

How To Apply Online For IGNOU Revaluation Form?

Read out all the important instructions so only do to fill out the form. Since we all know that online doors for online operations will be a touch confusing. thus, we made a step-wise process that you simply can follow with none complications
Start off the system by opening the IGNOU functionary point i.e. https//

Scroll down on the home runner, there’ll be an ‘ cautions ’ section.

  • Find and open the link named ‘ Online operation forRe-Evaluation and replica of Answer script.
    Now a new window will open on the side, read all the instructions, and so tick the protestation box.
  • On clicking the ‘ I Agree and do ’ button, two new options will appear under that.
  • Click on the ‘ TEE test Pupil ’
  • Under the login gate, give your registration number and choose the program law, and click on the ‘ Login ’ button.
  • After that, give all the specified details and click on the ‘ Save ’ button to come up with the payment link.
    Complete the system with successful payment.

    IGNOU  TEE 2021-22 Application FeeThe scholars are needed to submit the posterior figure quantum which is outstanding through disbenefit/ MasterCard and Net Banking.
    Operation Form figure quantum
    Reevaluation of AnswerscriptRs. 750/-
    Photocopy of AnswerscriptRs. 100/-


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