When Will IGNOU Announce TEE Exam Results?


When Will IGNOU Announce TEE Exam Results?


The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) conducts term-end examinations (TEE) two times a year, in June and December, for all its academic applications and publications. After students look for those IGNOU June TEE or December TEE tests, the most unusual question in each candidate’s mind is – When will IGNOU announce the TEE examination effects? 


Let’s go through some key hints on expertise IGNOU’s TEE outcomes protocol and timeline to get an idea of precisely why college students can count on the assertion in their tough-earned scores and overall performance grading.


IGNOU TEE Examination Schedule


As in keeping with University norms, the Term End Examinations span for 60 days. Exam schedules vary barely throughout batches but commonly – 


June TEE lasts from 1st June to the first of July

December TEE is scheduled between the 1st of December to 28 February


The sensible/mission/lab components have separate viva voce timetables running through the year in a couple of periods.


Gap Between Exam Conclusion & Results Out


While it takes more or less 8 weeks to finish the entire exam event from beginning to completion, IGNOU in addition calls for anywhere between 30 to 45 days after the closing date of exams to finalize, technique, and officially announce the consequences of that TEE consultation. 


This postponement lets in sufficient time for all sports post-examinations together with shipping of substances from diverse check facilities to principal evaluation locations, tremendous paper scrutiny, robust scoring, comprehensive grader evaluations, and evaluation of lakhs of sheets in step with University standards. 


Due to the massive scale of IGNOU’s TEE reach across geographies and numerous scholar companies, move-verification, in addition to foolproof checks and tech integration for result accuracy justifiably takes time. The TEE examination papers are confidential papers with coded copies requiring careful coping in line with protocols. 


How IGNOU Declares TEE Results


Once prepared after cautious compilation, IGNOU publicizes the TEE results in an obvious, widely-visible manner:


– Official internet site notification on the homepage 

– Press launch statement in the media

– Alerts to students through SMS and emails 

– Telephonic IVRS line activation 

– Regional Centre notifications


This ensures all enrolled college students concurrently get intimated that the TEE result has been officially declared using IGNOU for that consultation.


Expected Result Dates


Students can approximately count on assertion around these timeframes:


Expected TEE Result Dates

– June Term End Exam in the 3rd week of August 

– December Term End Exam in the 4th week of February


Early statement tendencies inside the previous couple of exam cycles permit short admission to scores for candidates who wrote papers lots earlier than TEE ends. Final consolidated marksheet releases after the whole technique concludes. 


In unexpected situations like technical disruptions or administrative delays from evaluators, result dates may be postponed for 2-three weeks from the approximate scheduled timeline. Updates are continually highlighted directly via reputable university channels.




IGNOU strives to paste to the TEE effects protocol in large part as dedicated for well-timed declaration. By getting clarity on how assessment unfolds culminating in effects, students continue to be knowledgeable. Planning schedules and waiting for effects in line with University suggestions facilitate them get the right of entry to rankings anxiously however patiently! Stay up to date continually with your nearby centre site, emails, or call centre.


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