Who is eligible to be a project guide at IGNOU?

project guide at IGNOU

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) calls for all students pursuing master’s and bachelor’s degree programs to publish a task file as a part of their curriculum. The mission work targets checking the scholar’s comprehension of the situation as well as their potential to apply theoretical understanding to find solutions for actual global issues.


To assist students on this undertaking, IGNOU appoints project guides who can provide paths, comments, and guidance to students all through the task work. The eligibility standards to be appointed as a project guide are as follows:


Eligibility Criteria for IGNOU Project Guides


Academic Qualifications


The predominant standard is that the assignment guide should have enough instructional qualifications within the difficulty area. The preferred eligibility is:


Bachelor’s Venture Manual: Master’s Diploma in Relevant Difficulty

For grasp’s assignment guide, a PhD or equivalent degree in the relevant subject

However, the minimal educational qualifications may vary for positive subjects. IGNOU was also comfortable with the standards during the initial years of introducing new publications.


Professional Experience


Along with educational qualifications, adequate professional experience is also required for undertaking guides. The preferred necessities are:


  • For a bachelor’s mission minimum of 2 years of field experience
  • For grasp’s task, a minimum of 5 years of experience in coaching, industry, or studies
  • The enjoy requirement guarantees that guides have enough know-how of real-global applications to offer significant steering to students.


Approval from IGNOU


In addition to having the required qualifications and experience, the examiner needs to be explicitly permitted through IGNOU before they can officially act as publications. The manner entails:


  • Submission of software along with supporting files to the Regional Center.
  • Scrutiny through IGNOU to verify eligibility.
  • Issuance of an approval letter to successful applicants.
  • Allocation of students for assignment steering through the university.


Only folks that clear IGNOU’s approval technique are distinct as recognized courses for its programs.


Active association with IGNOU


The project guides are expected to be actively associated with IGNOU in the course of the time they serve as examiners. This may additionally entail duties like:


  • Attending orientation and training applications.
  • Visiting specified regional centers periodically.
  • Assessing a minimum wide variety of initiatives each year.
  • Providing everyday remarks to IGNOU on the assignment assessment process.


This guarantees that the courses will continue to be up-to-date about the college’s expectations and strategies for project work. Their active involvement is critical for retaining academic standards.


Availability and accessibility


A crucial requirement is that publications want to be positioned within the reach of the allotted students. They should also be capable of allocating enough time for every student assigned to them.


The number of college students assigned will depend on how reachable the guide is for one-on-one interactions, evaluations, and discussions. Proper supervision and remarks can only be ensured if the guide is without a doubt available to the students.


Adherence to University Norms


In all instances, at some stage in their association with IGNOU, the task guides are anticipated to adhere to the university’s educational and evaluation norms. Any deviations in terms of plagiarism, unfair manners, or delays in exams could result in the cancellation of their appointment.


Upholding instructional integrity and compliance with IGNOU pointers are imperative for persevering with a recognized undertaking manual.




The eligibility standards targeted by the IGNOU goal are to make certain that those with suitable qualifications, revel in, and reason to academically contribute are appointed as project guides. Compliance with these norms is crucial for students to acquire excessive-quality guidance and supervision for their crucial project work. The competency and functionality of the task courses have a tangible effect on students’ learning outcomes. Hence, IGNOU’s careful selection of guides seeks to maintain awesome instructional requirements.


Each and every course in IGNOU has Assignments in it for which SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS for IGNOU students is available (solved assignments) which should be in IGNOU HANDWRITTEN ASSIGNMENT ( handwritten assignments ) format. Also for a few courses like Master’s Degree there are IGNOU PROJECT AND SYNOPSIS (project and synopsis) too.


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