Is the AMIE diploma from IGNOU considered legitimate and diagnosed with the aid of AICTE, UGC, or MHRD?

Diploma from IGNOU



The Associate Membership of Institutions of Engineers (AMIE) is an expert engineering degree provided by the Institution of Engineers India (IEI). The degree can be pursued through distance learning at numerous establishments, including Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). However, there have been questions about whether or not the AMIE degree from IGNOU is recognized and considered equivalent to tiers from other approved institutes.


Overview of the AMIE degree


The AMIE degree was introduced using the IEI in 1959 as a change to the engineering degree for degree holders and non-formal newbies in the subject. The diploma seeks to offer formal engineering training via distance mastering to operating professionals. AMIE has topics spread throughout 4 years with realistic training necessities, much like the engineering degree. Students should pass phase A and section B checks to get the degree. Section A contains essential engineering topics, even though Section B has specialized subjects related to the department.


Validity and reputation of AMIE


The AMIE degree offered by IEI is diagnosed with the aid of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and is considered equivalent to BE/B.Tech stages with the aid of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). AMIE graduates can apply for government jobs, pursue better education, and get process opportunities in private corporations. However, there has been confusion about the validity of the AMIE degree while pursued through IGNOU.


IGNOU and the AMIE diploma


IGNOU started out imparting the AMIE degree in affiliation with IEI in 2005. Students sign up with IGNOU and have a look at the route cloth provided by using IEI. IGNOU holds time-period-stop checks while IEI conducts segment A and B checks. This collaboration aimed to boost accessibility to the AMIE degree via distance learning.


However, in 2009, MHRD declared that technical ranges like BE/B.Tech/AMIE presented through distance-gaining knowledge aren’t diagnosed. This turned out to be due to worries about the exceptional quality of sensible and laboratory schooling through distance mode. As a result, the IGNOU AMIE degree also came under scrutiny.


Current fame and recognition


Due to the MHRD notification in 2009, the IGNOU AMIE degree was not identified with the aid of AICTE. Neither AICTE nor UGC have covered AMIE from IGNOU in the listing of accepted distance-getting-to-know packages.


However, in 2015, UGC stated that levels received through distance mastering throughout the duration between 2001 and 2012 had to be handled as legitimate. As IGNOU AMIE was introduced in 2005, levels received for the duration of this period are taken into consideration as valid, according to UGC.


IEI also maintains that the IGNOU AMIE is equal to the everyday AMIE. Students enrolled with IGNOU are required to acquire the joint degree certificate from IEI and IGNOU in its entirety.


How are AMIE degree holders impacted?


The ambiguous popularity of IGNOU AMIE has impacted college students in the following ways:


  • Cannot pursue ME/M. Tech as AICTE no longer understand IGNOU AMIE for postgraduate admissions.


  • Not eligible for authorities jobs that require an AICTE-approved degree.


  • Certain PSU companies don’t accept the IGNOU AMIE diploma for engineering positions.


  • Graduates face troubles at the same time as making use of jobs overseas as foreign institutes are unsure of degree validity.


However, individuals who received the diploma from 2001 to 2012 have faced much less trouble as UGC has clarified its validity. The degree is also still common in many private agencies for engineering jobs.




While IEI acknowledges the IGNOU AMIE is on par with regular AMIE, a lack of approval from AICTE and UGC has impacted its validity. IGNOU has stopped disclosing information about AMIE admissions, and enrollment numbers have dropped.


However, many continue to enroll as the degree provides an inexpensive trade for gaining engineering qualifications. IGNOU and IEI need to work with regulatory bodies to find a solution that aligns distance learning with enterprise necessities. Until then, the recognition of IGNOU AMIE will continue to remain ambiguous.


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