What takes place after I fail the IGNOU realistic exam?




Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is one of the largest open universities globally. It gives more than a few packages and guides through distance studying. Many of those guides require students to take practical tests similar to concept tests. Failing a practical exam can be disheartening, but it’s critical to understand the results and the steps that can be taken.


Reasons for Failing


There may be various reasons for failing a sensible examination with IGNOU. Some key motives consist of:


Lack of preparation

Many students do not put in adequate time and effort to prepare for sensible assessments. Since practicals take a look at fingers-on skills, enough exercise of skills is vital. Without exercise, you may falter for the duration of the actual examination.



The exam environment could make some college students anxious, affecting their overall performance. Things like being discovered or scored by examiners can lead to nerves.


Inability to follow instructions

The inability to appropriately follow the instructions and steps given for a realistic procedure can lead to failure. Exams are approximately demonstrating your potential to execute techniques effectively.


Time Mismanagement

Practical tests have strict time limits. Failing to complete techniques in the allocated time because of bad time control can fail.


Consequences of Failing


The outcomes of failing a practical exam vary depending on the range of attempts already made.


First Attempt Failure

If it’s your first try, you may reappear for the realistic examination when it’s held next. Typically, IGNOU holds sensible exams twice a year. You will have to watch for the subsequent term’s examination.


Second Attempt Failure

If you fail in the second attempt, additionally, you will not be allowed to reappear for the exam in that instructional year. You will need to wait until the subsequent instructional year to take the examination once more.


Failure in All Attempts

If you fail to complete the practical in all allotted tries, you may fail the entire path. You will have to sign in for the directions and take all exams again from the beginning. This can lead to delays in finishing your program.


What You Can Do After Failing?


While failing a sensible test may be tough, you continue to have options:


Analyze where things went wrong

Objectively examine the motives for your failure. Identify your susceptible regions. This reflection will provide you with insights on how to enhance.


Thoroughly prepare and practice

Use the time earlier than your next try and thoroughly prepare. Meticulously exercise all of the approaches in more than one instance to master competencies. Refer to the guide substances provided.


Learn from seniors

Speak to seniors or friends who’ve passed the exam. Get their input on how to put it together. If possible, request that they illustrate the procedures.


Discuss with counselors

Talk to student counselors at your nearby center. They can guide you on how to cope with failure and prepare better. Their insights may be valuable.




With rigorous practice, learning from failure, and determination, you can effectively apply the practical examination to your next endeavor. Being thorough with all approaches, practicing, getting steering, and believing in yourself will help you pass.


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