What is the passing marks in IGNOU

In IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University), the passing marks vary from course to course, and are determined by the University’s Board of Examinations. In general, IGNOU requires students to score at least 40% marks in both the assignment and the term-end examination (TEE) to pass a course.

The assignment carries 30% weightage, while the TEE carries 70% weightage. Therefore, to pass a course, a student must score at least 40% marks in both the assignment and the TEE, and the overall score must be at least 50%.

Both IGNOU & DU have Practical components in there curriculum IGNOU Its mandatory to Submit IGNOU Solved assignments in IGNOU Handwritten Assignments   Format as assignments constitute 30% Weightage.

For example, if a course has a total of 100 marks, the minimum passing marks for the course will be as follows:

  • At least 40 marks in the assignment (30% weightage)
  • At least 28 marks in the TEE (70% weightage)
  • Overall score of at least 50 marks

    For a course of 100 the passing mark is 36.
    For a course of 50 The Passing mark is 18.
    For a course of 25 the passing mark is 9.

It is important to note that the passing marks may vary for some courses, depending on the requirements of the course and the decision of the University’s Board of Examinations. Therefore, it is advisable to check the specific passing marks criteria for each course in the IGNOU prospectus or on the official website.

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