What if IGNOU Student Fails Even After Revaluation?

IGNOU Student

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers students the revaluation facility to re-assess their answer sheets if dissatisfied with the awarded marks. But what can a student do if the rechecking also fails? This article discusses the next steps after failing post-revaluation.

Seeking Re-Evaluation of Answer Scripts

If students believe their actual performance in exams is not adequately reflected in the scores, they can formally apply for re-evaluation within 30 days of the result declaration by paying a nominal fee. Their answer sheets are then re-examined meticulously by expert evaluators again.

This re-verification may lead to three potential outcomes:

  1. Marks increased substantially – 15% or higher. The revaluation fee is refunded in such cases.
  2. Marks increased, decreased or remained the same. No refund is applicable.
  3. Failing marks upheld despite re-examination of the script.  

Implications of Failing After Re-evaluation

In scenario 3, the hard truth is that students’ failure in the course still holds. This is critical since in IGNOU, the term-end examination accounts for a gigantic 70-80% of total course grading. Hence, failing here implies failing the whole course. 

The consequences are serious – academic progress halts completely. Students cannot move to the next semester or milestones. They have to repeat and pass the failed course first. However, the flexibility of a 7-year duration for degree completion exists. Students can re-enroll and clear backlogs during this period.

Analyzing Causes Behind Continued Failure

Introspecting is vital to understanding probable reasons for failing despite re-evaluation:

  • Were some chapters not conceptually clear enough? Identify such academic gaps.
  • Did you make silly mistakes or have issues with managing exam time, and structuring right answers? 
  • Was revision inadequate? Were mock tests not taken seriously? Such exam preparedness issues must be addressed.
  • Over-reliance on limited practice resources could also contribute to poor performance in actual exams.

Planning Corrective Interventions

  1. Connect with Counselors: Seek expert guidance from academic counsellors on updated learning strategies, reference materials and exam methodology to overcome the specific challenges faced.
  2. Reinforce Weak Concepts: Use supplementary online learning resources like video tutorials, discussion forums etc. focused especially on chapters you struggle with.
  3. Enhance Exam Readiness: Invest more time attempting mock tests, previous papers and model test series across diverse sources for improved exam-taking ability. 
  4. Reconsider Elective Choice: Evaluate if certain electives are too complex for your level. Opt for more scoring alternatives that match personal aptitude better.

Cultivating Resilience and Commitment 

Bouncing back after failure requires resilience, sustained commitment and a structured approach. IGNOU provides redemption opportunities understanding that setbacks are part of the growth curve. By plugging academic gaps, seeking help openly, upgrading exam-taking skills and staying resilient, students can overcome failure.

The key is to objectively analyze weak spots, seek expert guidance to reinforce those areas through supplementary learning and give the repeat attempt your very best shot. Success will follow!

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